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We have decided to shift our more tabletop focuse content to our new partner site Adventure Cast where will be sponsoring and producing an actual play fantasy rpg with a darker tone and engaging narrative. Players will play with characters inspired by their real life qualities and attitudes and the campaign is set in the setting created by Mykal Grymm. This was originally supposed to be a way to flesh out his setting and transformed into its own stand alone piece of content that would lead into a novella to conclude the story. Fans will be to get weekly written updates at the website and our social media posts on our own social media pages. We are inviting any artists, voice actors and creators would be interested in collaborating on the project and are welcome to send emails to inquire.

Nerd Dimension Gaming Group will be recruiting gamers who would like to participate in games with us and help with recording footage and making new content. Those who are interested are welcome to join our Discord server and after we do an initial interview you can officially join the squad. Make sure to like the Nerd Dimension Facebook page and send us an email with NDGG in the subject heading and be sure to include links to your active social media profiles and are above the age of 18.

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