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We at Nerd Dimension are glad to announce to all of our friends and fellow travelers that after four long years the Nerd Dimension Podcast (A.N.D. Podcast) is finally getting relaunched! It took a while but the new gear is  being setup and the heroes  have been summoned so the quest may commence and let the listeners beware. Be prepared to be entertained and informed as you join the party on a fun-filled hour (and some change) with little to no career advancement value. Our goal is to have interesting guests and create an engaging listen to any and all seeking knowledge and laughs within the scope of the culture. Our format is flexible so expect to be privy to a few bumps on the road but no one enjoys a dull road trip anyways. So please subscribe and allow us to provide your specific weekly dose of nerd commentary and help us fight boredom one pun at a time.

Currently in the process of banking episodes including reviews and interviews prior to migrating the content to our new provider.

The Darkest Shadows RPG Adventure Video Podcast

A Nerd Dimension also is proud to announce that we will be also launching a rpg fiction podcast in which the players and fans will assist in the weaving of the adventure and narrative. This is a new writing and gaming experiment which we all decided to attempt as we feel it could be fun and provide a new form of content for fans and newcomers to the hobby would enjoy. Grymm would be hosting the sessions and it would be played using a D&D 3.5 with variations and homebrew and premade setting. The episodes will be prerecorded and edited in with commentary to go side by side with the narrative, cutting from scenes. We hope it will provide for a different way of enjoying the game while also providing an interesting story for listeners wish to follow. So stay tuned to see what happens. For more information be sure to check out the website for all things Ardan and Darkest Shadows related.

*SNOWFLAKE WARNING: Nerd Dimension is a platform which will air, feature and discuss nerd culture in an adult tone and language so if you are easily triggered, offended and have a problem with difference of opinion then this is definitely NOT the podcast for you. Nerd Dimension Podcast expresses the views of the hosts and are intended to have humorous and provocative messages and underlying comedic bits that add flavor and is not intended to hurt or offend anyone’s sensibility. It is intend to entertain and the hosts do not reflect the views of the entire group or the platform of A Nerd Dimension.

Check out the links on the Mix Cloud page: Nerd Dimension

The Party:

Mykal K Grimm (Host)

Rapper, Guild Master, Guild founder and all around funny guy with a super sized side of smart ass. The pilot of the vessel that is NDP (Nerd Dimension Podcast) who will attempt to get you through an episode without abandoning the ship or your listening device in the process. Expect the unexpected as random is something Mike does better than any other yet manages to connect all the dots by the time the show is over. Don’t believe us, tune in and hear it for yourself.

Apollo  (Host) / Player

A sharp, dapper and snappy fellow who often broadens the scope of a conversation but beyond a doubt a true librarian of thoughts and a man of interesting tastes. Apollo will hit you with obscure titles, long prose debates and leave you with a pearl by the end of the night. Referring to himself as an old soul you may even think a member of the Rat Pack was in the studio with his out of date slang that he tries to get in but that’s all part of the charm that is Apollo. Having strong opinions and stronger after shave makes him a true relic in this broadcasting platform and you WILL have opinions on what he says so let us know in the emails !

Bhakar Ginger Beard (Guest Co-Host)

DM and boisterous roleplayer with a voice to match his size. A true viking of a man and gamer who we hope will bridge the generational gap between our hosts and our younger audience. His energy is positive and by that we mean positively infectious and his boyish nature is bound to win you over with his commentary if he not his roleplaying talents.

Pretty Boy Nick (Frequent Guest / Player)

Not many podcasts have unpaid talent uncredited but we do! Nick is a dear buddy who shares some of our passions and can serve as a litmus test for certain discussions as someone who is yet venturing in all of the chambers that comprise this beautiful culture of ours. Other than being a stand up guy with a smile for sales he is also participating in the Darkest Shadows Adventure so we could not leave him out!

Original Run EPISODE LIBRARY: Lisa’s Lounge Run

  1. Episode 1 – The Introductory Podcast 
  2. Episode 2 – The Origins Stories with guest David S. 
  3. Episode 3 – The Origins Stories – Kong Overstays his welcome
  4. Episode 4 – The Couch Coop Convo  
  5. Episode 5 – The Origins Stories – Movies, Movies & Movies

*The Nerd Dimension Podcast is not sponsored content and is our passion project solely funded by our pockets and efforts. We are grateful for the patience of our fans and hope to provide our listeners a steady and quality stream of podcasts for the years to come. If you wish to support please contact us at our email  address as we are always open to those willing to help us get our message out there or have something we feel should be seen/heard.

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